Walnut Speak Easy - Elgin, IL
214 Walnut Avenue, Elgin, IL 847.695.2420
Open Daily at 11:00 am

Sports/ Game Day Specials



The Walnut Speak Easy is your local place to enjoy some sports action on one of our big screen TVs. NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, Nascar, and more!!!

During sporting events we offer great specials on drinks and food. See specials here.

The Walnut NEVER FAILS TO HAVE NFL Sunday Ticket & Center Ice 
watch all the games here 

Watch All Bears Games at Nut
Enjoy a FREE half time buffet for all Bears Sunday games only


absolut cocktails  $6
absolut mules $6
jameson and  ginger ale $5
jameson shots $5
Irish mule $6

absolut bloody $7
absolut peppar bloddy $7
jameson bloody $7
walnut bloody  $9